Team Projects

In 2018, I enrolled in the Le Wagon Full-Stack bootcamp, where I learned a lot of the coding skill which I've equipped now. During the Bootcamp, we've created several projects that were coded from scratch. Below are a few examples.
U Choose

Role: Lead front-end designer

This is my group’s final project at Le Wagon.Chinese high school students rarely have the chance to connect directly to university students at their desired colleges. This website built this bridge, so high school students can know more about their target schools by video chat with real university students and university students can gain some income from such opportunities.

Park It

Role: Lead front-end designer

Park it is an app that uses the airbnb model. User can book parking space prior to their arrival, so they are guaranteed that they would have a parking space when they arrive at their destination. Meanwhile, parking space owner can make their space available on Park it and make some profit.